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The BreathGroup network supports the observational study “BRonchoscopic Emphysema Advanced THerapy (BREATH) – Italian registry”. A National web-based Registry instituted to collect homogeneous data on patients undergoing Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (B.L.V.R.), in order to understand the characteristics of patients in whom the treatments result in the best outcomes.

Centers have to satisfy the criteria proposed by the Access Committee to join the “Breath Group – Italian Registry”.  Criteria involve characteristics of the Center and are divided in DUE and OPTIONAL.

  • DUE CRITERIA include:
    • more than 500 flexible bronchoscopies done in the last 3 years.
    • a pulmonary function laboratory with PLETHYSMOGRAPHY (for a complete spirometry, six minutes walking test and arterial blood gas analysis - at baseline and follow up-steps).
    • the High Resolution CTscan and perfusion scan
    • the Chartis system®
    • a trained nursing staff
    • an anesthesiologist for the management of general anesthesia and air way control
    • a thoracic surgery and/or skilled pulmonologist for thoracic drain insertion and management
    • a rehabilitation unit (inside the Center or referring to third Rehab-Units)
    • High Resolution Computerized Tomography - Inspiratory and Expiratory
    • endoscopy suite with fluoroscopy
    • medical availability 24hours/7days on call
    • experience with B.L.V.R. techniques

According to criteria’s satisfaction, Centers are classified in:

  • CENTER OF EXCELLENCE: all DUE Criteria and OPTIONAL Criteria are met and at least 100 B.L.V.R. procedures are done. The Center can enroll patients and proceed to treatment, monitored by the Quality Committee.

  • ACCREDITATED CENTER: all DUE Criteria but not all OPTIONAL Criteria are met and at least 20 B.L.V.R. procedures are done. The Center can evaluate, treat and enroll patients (for complex cases can refer to the Breathgroup Experts), monitored by the Quality Committee.

  • DEVELOPING CENTER: missing one or more of DUE Criteria and/or less than 20 procedures are done. The Center can evaluate patients and refer for treatment to accredited Centers; otherwise, the Center can perform treatment and enrollment under the supervision of a proctor.